The Lie Tree – I hope you like metaphors!


Come and see me if you want any help with the book!

The Journey

BookBuzz Reading Challenge!

The books have arrived! The order wasn’t quite right though and we need to get a few more of the most popular ones in, they should be with you next week. When you have your chosen book we want you to read it!

The BookBuzz Reading Challenge is for all yr 7 students, and it’s very easy to enter. All you have to do is read the whole book by the end of this term, then come to Discovery and answer a quiz.


Why are we doing this challenge?

  • We want you to get in the habit of reading
  • We want every yr 7 student to experience reading a whole book, not just a few pages, a couple of chapters, or the blurb on the back.
  • To help you do better in all your subjects.

What if I need help?

  • I’m here to help you! Come and see me if you have any questions about what you are reading. I’m here Monday Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • I am going to read all 12 of the BookBuzz books and write blog posts about them to help you understand them.


To find out more about the books visit the BookBuzz website!